by | Feb 24, 2021

Normally when you think ‘less is more’ in a design you think about the extreme end of simplicity e.g. Geometric abstraction of minimalism. This Design does well in that it’s minimal in both the compositional and detailed sense without you realizing it.

At the macro level the composition works because the artists broke the rectangle until the bottom edge remained intact, and that has a fade so that you don’t even really see it. There is the figure, and while the background serves to balance the image, it doesn’t draw attention to itself. The painting style is emotive in its large and choppy brushstrokes and add power to the scene. Finally there is “shadowrunner”, honestly not sure if that’s suppose to be anything else than one of the artists names; it’s such an ambiguous, and yet appropriate title for this design that it somehow works/ doesn’t detract from the design.

What the image is or is suppose to mean is hard to say. The use of pink as opposed to red or green can generally be associated with something more on the Sf and cybernetic end of the fiction spectrum rather than magic or fantasy. The tattoo seems to add to that idea. This is however not a design that seems to demand a narrative; rather, it seems like an image that can stand on its own or lend itself out to a larger body of work.

Design by: Ninjajo and shadowrunner82
Price:  $24.00 @ Threadless
Colors: Black