Urban Cartoon Collage

by | Mar 14, 2021

This design is a confluence of art forms that lend it its mass appeal. Influences of, or the design’s allusion to hip hop, graffiti, streetwear, and classic American cartoon are all evident. These various forms themselves are massively popular and deeply intertwined.

Two asides: (1) for those not in the know “bombing” is a term that means to create graffiti (2) one thing to notice when looking at a cartoon character is where the wedge in a cartoons pupil is taken; if it’s the side that was traditionally Disney, if it’s the top then that was Dr Seuss.

Within the design there are stylistic references to: Disney, Hannah-Barbera, Tex Avery, and Jon Kricfalusi. This Color pallet was extremely popular in the mid 90’s, and then reemerged in the late oughts; since then the influence of the cyberpunk aesthetic has meant that colors have gotten much more saturated. While the use of eyes on inanimate objects is nothing new, post “Cup Head” it does seem to be more prevalent. The design is wild and chaotic without being aggressive. It’s a touch of excitement an on ode a more reckless and frenetic past. In summary it’s a strong design with almost universal appeal.

Design by: HumanRockets
Price:  $22.38 @ Designbyhumans
Colors: Black, White