Ukiyoe Blinky

by | Feb 16, 2021

‘Ukiyoe Blinky’ is an amazing design. Unlike many of the pop culture shirts you’ll find on sites like TeeFury or Riptapparel this design can stand on its own without reference to the original IP.

Generally it’s pretty hard to pull off a graphic this large on a t-shirt; When the shirt is hung around the body, parts of the design tend to become obstructed, which can lead to the design feeling incomplete or ill conceived. However in the case of this design I think Ledin has done an exceptional job and holding the viewers eye with such a large image. The red circle does an excellent job of anchoring the piece, The three white eyes draw your attention to the right but the overhang of the tale and its curve pulls you back towards the center. Even the stamp on the bottom right helps to balance out the piece by counterbalancing the weight of the tale on the right.

For those of you wondering Ukiyoe is a form of Japanese woodblock printing that was popular from the 17th to 19th century. While the half-toning and texturing of the design mean that this design could not actual be achieved by woodcut, the artist does do a good job of conveying the medium within the scales of the fish, and the style in general, and possibly Hokusai in particular, with the outlines of the water. The stylization of this somewhat obscure Simpsons Character means that a lot of people will compliment you on the shirt without even getting the reference and that that would happen with a show as popular as the Simpsons are is no small feat.

Designed By: Tom Ledin
Best Colors: Black or Navy
Cost: $19.95 @ ParkofTees