The Pipe

by | Mar 31, 2021

Generally speaking when it comes to apparel, pop culture mashups tend to be lazy garbage. Most of the time there is no rhyme or reason for the cross pollination; what does Abbey Rd, Demon Days, or Bohemian Rhapsody have to do with Sith Lords? Sometimes “artist” will go a little further and change the style of characters in adapting them to unsuitable/ unrelated content such as when an artist portray Rick and Morty in the style of Calvin and Hobbes while crossing the river in one of the ladder series most iconic images. These types of mash ups add and suggest nothing thematically or artistically; They’re just lazy. They must work though because sites like teefury essentially run on them.

This image is different. Mario is famous for reinventing, or reframing its characters. Officially Mario has had 7 jobs; unofficially the number is somewhere around 26. This is a very adaptable IPO. Mario has already done horror via “Luigi’s Mansion”. Could you then merge “The Ring” with Mario? Absolutely. It’s an interesting idea and might actually be a good solution if you wanted to make a second attempt at live action, because let’s face it, goombas aren’t going to work outside of a cartoon world. Ghost peach and murder though, that’d be interesting. The fact that it’s a gameboy sets you up for a child vs monster, “It” scenario. The image works because there’s actually an interesting idea and therefore a reason behind the merger.

Design by: Naolita
Price:  $22.00 @ Teefury
Colors: Black, Navy, Grey