The Bait

by | Feb 22, 2021

‘The bait’ works fine as a larger, more abstract shape, but it’s the closer inspection that reveals the power of the image. The question is whether the ugliness of history, and perhaps of modern life, might continue into the future. When you think of the future do you think things as being clean, almost sterile as is sometimes/ often represented within science fiction?

You must know that no matter the reassuring minimalism of the presentation, the interface of the space, or devices we use, today and in all probability into the future, there is something grittier, more primal, and inequitable behind these smooth surfaces. ‘The Bait’ isn’t just an image that lays the cables bear in its portrayals of one of humanities potential futures; the hanging figure is just as explicit in its portrayal of what might lay behind a more technologically advanced future in which we try and free ourselves from the mundane concerns of how we live. Imagery like this is important, because although most people in the “developed world” at least, live better than royalty of a few centuries prior, it shouldn’t be taken for granted that comfort means equity, or respect for human life, now or into the future.

Design: by: NinjaJo
Price:  $22.40@ Threadless
Colors: White