That’s Life

by | Mar 1, 2021

“That’s Life, That’s what all the people say”, There’s a reason why the dancing scenes of ‘Joker’ resonated with so many people. You don’t need to have had the trauma or suffered mental illness to recognize what it looks like to find where abandon meets catharsis.

Youth today, and for awhile now has become more difficult and perhaps as a result more protracted; as a result you try and find the moments you can to feel free, to feel light and unburdened. It’s the search to feel good, because it’s going to be a long time before you are good in fact. The funny part is when you finally reach that stability, the calm and security, the wild times of scraping by will be what you miss then and thereafter. This sentiment, among a handful of others, was what made the movie more than just another comic book movie. It is also here within the design, a single frame.

The use of Type superimposed over an image, as is done here, is fairly rare. The blending of words one character into another is also fairly unique. The art style of the figure (etching) is also a bit unusual for apparel. Taken together, the design does a good job of distilling its source material down into a unique and powerful design.

Design by: samotnjak
Price:  $28.00 @ Threadless
Colors: Black