scifi dystopian shirt purple

Nomad‘ as a design is masterful in its ability to tease a narrative and instantly establish tone.

The desolation most would associate with a camel ride through the desert is offset by the whimsy of the dirigible camera, the playfulness and incongruity of an air freshener dangling from the rider’s parasol. Her expression is that of determination amidst a dystopian future. The saturated early evening palette, and the novelty of her companions taken with the context of the image seemingly suggests a rich and beautiful life of struggle.

The silhouette is interesting and works as a standalone image, but also adapts well to apparel. The Color scheme is limited, well coordinated, and provides an abundance of detail.

Designed By: ElinJ
Best colors: Purple and Yellow || Also: red, and neutrals.
Cost: $19.99 @ Redbubble