Shield Circle

by | Mar 20, 2021

This design at first glance seems- not non-descript, it’s colors are too vibrant for that, but perhaps unassuming; Upon an initial glance one would be forgiven for thinking this design merely ornamental and devoid of reference. Upon closer inspection traces of science fiction and eastern motifs begin to emerge. If one were so inclined one could begin to build a whole narrative around this ‘shield’ or emblem.

If one takes in the form as a whole there is something that begins to feel distinctly Science Fiction in general, and military space aviation in particular. The silhouette is dense in a way that suggests a slightly older imagining of future or alien sensibilities. Think ‘Battle Star Galactica‘, ‘Star Wars’, or the transformer’s emblems as examples. SF emblems today have gone decidedly slim and san serif. This design is heavy, bold, and yet intricate.

The one obvious design element within this work is the red flower shape towards the bottom of the sphere. Whether this is, or is merely meant to invoke lotus or mandala iconography is anyones guess. If one believes that ‘shield’ is playing with asian imagery than the colors may seem narrow down the region within the content; the bright floral colors would seem to suggest Southeast Asia. Perhaps Thailand, Vietnam, Laos. The Crowns at the top of the sphere might be interpreted as a basket weaving pattern, or the flying eaves that traditionally were seen most parts of Asia. It’s this Southeast Asian, science fiction, and vaguely psychedelic blend of elements that make this abstract distinct and noteworthy.

Design by: Webgrrl
Price:  $24.94 @ Redbubble
Colors: Black, White, Grey, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Orange