Modern Lotus

by | Mar 6, 2021

Perhaps pcb boards are a little outmoded at this point; yes we still use and rely upon them, but in the era of computer chips and nano technology that allow electronics to be infinitesimally compact they feel less and less relevant. ‘Modern Lotus’ points to that connection between pcb and art deco. A connection that was never truly made within the artistic community. They both relied upon geometry, simplicity, and both interacted with negative space in similar ways.

This design seems to join a bygone aesthetic of the the 1920’s with a modern, technical, and perhaps spiritual inclination of minimalism of ‘less is more’ within contemporary society. The design isn’t minimalist in itself, rather the design, however complex and through gilded and technological reference, points to complexity beneath the surface. It is both western decadence in form and (through the eastern symbolism surrounding the lotus) simplicity in aspiration.

One can read into what they want as far as Globalization, or eastern manufacturing for western consumption. The image is strong enough to stand independent of all that. It would be surprising in fact if the artist thought that far, as more often than not it is the critic not the artist that thinks in terms of meaning when approaching a work of art; still, there’s plenty to think and feel about this design if one can find the thread.

Design by: ecologyink
Price:  $22.38 @ Designbyhumans
Colors: Black, White, Army Green, Red, Navy