M18 Hellcat

by | Feb 19, 2021

One area within apparel and art in general that has never gotten its due is technical drawings. True, this design isn’t exactly a blue print, but it doesn’t seek to represent the tank, the machinery as anything other than what it is. Of all the designs that might be highlighted on this site this one may be the most niche; perhaps because WWII is still close enough in memory to actually matter to people; or perhaps because Americans now associate all wars in recent memory as being foolish and unjust, WWII may now be lumped in.

It seems a bit odd, the possible narrowness of this design’s appeal given how common war, soldiers, warrior imagery is within the zeitgeist; within pop culture today it’s mostly samurai, ronin, ninja, and for a western audience there is a certain level of- problematic, and detached romanticism that goes along with this. Within darker leaning subcultures such as metal, war imagery abounds, but isn’t terribly specific on the time or place of its imagery and often incorporates fantastical elements.

The Composition itself is strong. The artist: RycoTokyo81 has a whole series of WWII era weaponry and they’re all solid. It would be interesting to see how people would react to this design. Aesthetically the design is good, but what people would actually make of it and why… this writer would be hard pressed to venture a guess. Militarization, the military industrial complex, gun rights, and imperialism all seem to be bundled together in our polarized time… Speaking out and into the ether, it would seem; does anyone have any thoughts?

Design by: RycoTokyo81
Price:  $20.73 Redbubble
Colors: Black