L. the Third

by | Apr 12, 2021

The thing about wearing an anime shirt is that there are certain assumptions that go along with. True, there’s less and less of a stigma associated with anime each year, nevertheless it still has a certain- juvenile association. The interesting thing about this design though is it comes about as close as an anime design can of escaping the judgement while still employing a cartoon style.

Stylistically this image feels both retro and modern in its use of shapes and cell shading that almost in a way that suggests cutouts and papercraft. The former is growing in popularity in anime fan art, and the ladder is slowly making its way into more and more museum collection. The pallet is unique, and the skewed rectangular background gives the composition an interesting mid-century kind of feel. The fact that lupin is rather obscure, within America at least, actually works in the designs favor. The image is fun, stylized, and dynamic; in sporting something slightly obscure you’ll escape the eye rolls and perhaps more easily find those in the know or worth knowing.

Design by: Idriu95
Price:  $22.00 @ Teefury
Colors: Black, Navy