Hills are Alive

by | Apr 2, 2021

This work is obviously taken from the fairly well known GIF first created by the VFX artist Dan DeEntremont. It’s a great image and the main question is whether or not the lines are suppose to represent embroidery or Neon. Some places and elements within the image seem to point to one or the other. The periodic breaks in the lions would suggest neon, but some of the sharp corners would be impossible in that medium. If it were Neon then there would probably be some aural glow surrounding the lines. One thing to consider when rendering an image such as for apparel is that thinner lines break down faster than large patches (of ink) with repeated washings; as such it would be interesting to see how long this shirt would hold up. The confusion of implied medium isn’t the main issue with this image; The two parts that really hurt the piece are the oozy clip and the cheekbone. The clip just has too much curve on the left line which makes it look more like a receipt coming out of the bottom of the gun. The cheek bone extends just a bit too far and is in danger of making Julie Andrews look as though she may be in possession of a fine mustache. This image is interesting enough to warrant highlighting, but with a bit more attention to detail it could’ve been great.

Design by: Rocketman_art
Price:  $22.00 @ Teefury
Colors: Black, Navy, Charcoal