Evil Girl Japanese Kanji Ornament

by | Feb 20, 2021

It’s nice sometimes to forgo the polish of a finished work. Sometimes in fact a preliminary sketch can seem to surpass the finished product in effectively eliciting the intended response. Were ‘evil girl’ to be carefully developed, be it digitally or in oil, would it be as interesting a piece?

This sort of aesthetic seems to speak to, or be more in the tradition of less mainstream culture. The combination of fine and rough line work is just as much a hallmark of indie and punk as it is for figurative studies within art college, which is certainly no coincidence, as the bands making these types of music, due to their likely age and proximity to urban centers, are likely to have friends and associates linked to art programs and institutions.

The image does a good job of channeling the whole ‘diy’ aesthetic, and beautiful woman and demonic imagery are always in fashion. The image is well placed and balanced on the human form, its size making it a bit more of a statement piece. Whether it actually needs, or should include the Kanji writing is debatable; Certainly its inclusion is in line with present day fashion, but whether or not that’s a good thing, only time will tell. Still, it’s a beautiful image and Owlvission30 has a lot of great work, some equally or more polished than this one; which, depending on how you feel about the writing, you might be interested in.

Design: by: Owlvision33
Price:  $22.40 Threadless
Colors: White