Death Rides a Black Cat

by | Feb 14, 2021

Nothing wrong with a good block print. This imagery of fantasy, magic realism, science, and more adult themes as being steadily growing since- ‘Adventure Time’./? Maybe there was something within the world of animation that preceded it, but nothing comes to mind. Since then you have shows like: ‘Gravity Falls’, ‘Kino’, ‘Midnight Gospel’, and ‘The Hallow’. Never mind the explosion of the isekai genre within anime.

There’s something nice about the juxtaposition of death and a house cat; it sort of softens the image and prospect. Historically death has rarely been portrayed as being an adventure. Usually it’s more of a migration that ends in an encampment. Even pre-pandemic it seemed like there was a serious lack of whimsy within our culture. The closest we seemed to get was Coachella, Burning Man and Instagram which is just miles off base. At the same time one might want to embrace a little adventure in one’s life, if it isn’t coupled to the harsh economic reality that young people are currently facing it isn’t going to end well; that’s why you need death to ride the house cat alongside you. It’s fun and cute, but the steaks are real and doors are closing. It’s nice sometimes to feel that there are fantastic possibilities even if you see a darkness along the lining and that’s what this image is.

Design by: Obinsun
Price:  $22.40 @ Threadless
Colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Navy