by | Feb 22, 2021

The power of this image is in the ambiguity that this art style lends to the subject. Though the image was probably made digitally it is very reminiscent of a certain method of spray painting that, seems to not have a name, and is done on paper and involves stencils, fire (sometimes), and the texturing and manipulation of the paint while it’s still wet.

The stile is well suited to the subject matter; how things are rendered providing hints as to how the creators or perhaps the viewer is suppose to feel about the various components of the image: the bomb has a very clear outline and no depth, it’s impactful and unambiguous, The plants seem represented in the negative, and cut into the ground in an unnatural way, but upon leaving the ground they become diaphanous and calm; The little girl framed by the sun- maybe the moon, is indistinct in a way that adds a nice ambiguity; is it danger, a memory, nostalgia that is there; lastly the bubbles, sharper in their rendering than the bomb itself, maybe the idea is that that is what we’re suppose to keep; but the question then is what does that mean about how the scene ended.

Design by: dandingeroz and dzeri29
Price:  $22.40 @ Threadless
Colors: Black