Bleeding Heart Colors

by | Apr 22, 2021

To work with a cliche generally means that an artist is either exceedingly confident or ignorant. In our times of bathos to risk the sincerity and shorthand of hearts and eyes is to risk one’s reputation. Cliches within art and design represent a hill, a mountain of mediocrity and sentiment one has to push a boulder (of taste and craft) up in order to traverse. The use of visual shorthand that hearts and the human eye represent risks undermining any design regardless of how masterful the execution, which is why it is so impressive when someone finally manages to do it.

This design doesn’t seem to come from nowhere however. Daft Punk has already dawned black outfits for a decade while using colored LED’s in their helmets. Their look was that of sophistication and fun, which this design seems to want to emulate. The shading of the heart is well done and would have to be. While wearing a heart is difficult to pull off, the use of a black heart should want to suggest something else about the wearer then what this design actually achieves.There is no angst in this image. By subverting the black heart trope the artist actually manages to use it as a stepping stone to further the impact of the design.

The image would still function if it were nothing but red bleeding from the heart, but by using CYM in the pallet, the artist manages to both suggest club going, as well as graphic design knowledge for the wearer. The image is toned down, it’s handling subtle and nuanced where something more overt would clash with the force of the trope. Not every item in an outfit can be a statement piece. The artist seems to have had this in mind when designing this work and managed to make it work.

Design by: Tobe Fonseca
Price:  $25.00 @ RiptApparel
Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Navy, Red