Bicycle Wheel

by | Mar 26, 2021

Supposedly this is an image depicting the very first of Duchamp’s “readymades” (circa. 1913), which seems like a bit of a misnomer. In the context of fine art ‘”readymade” seems as though it were once interchangeable with the term “found object”. As Duchamp assembled this object from two disparate elements it is hard to see how it might be considered “found” or “ready made”; Both terms seem to imply a Homunculus, or ‘fully formed’ state of being prior to the re-contextualization of an object from the Mundane to that of fine art. Looking at the more famous example one wonders if ‘R Mutt’ is really “found” if the signature wasn’t also there to begin with. The signature feels like an apology upon a piece that is suppose to be and have been revolutionary.

Nevertheless this work is important to the history of art. It speaks to Dada and even suggests some of the principals of bauhaus in the simple geometry the photograph itself captures. As a design, independent of context, it works as something refined in its simplicity; within context though, if one sees it and knows anything of Modern Art, one knows that the wearer has cherrypicked one of the more important and under appreciated works within the canon. It’s a good, slightly snobby, work. It channels the spirit of Dada spirit and Gonzo sensibilities quite well.

Design by: Fruitjuice
Price:  $25.00 @ DesignbyHumans
Colors: White