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This site has been made with the idea of highlighting great t-shirt designs from around the web. The impetus for this site’s creation stems from the conviction that there are serious issues pertaining to curation and searchability on most, if not all of the major t-shirt sites; we believe that these issues make the process of finding quality designs unnecessarily tedious and disheartening for the visitors to these sites. Without the capital or technical know-how to create the perfect e-commerce store; we have instead endeavored to create a curated repository of quality designs to aid our visitors in finding well executed designs that speak to them.

In sharing these designs, we also strive to educate our visitors as to what separates a good design from a great one by emphasizing context, allusion, form, geometry, scale, and color theory within our reviews. Where possible we include links to things that have the potential to inform their perception of a design, or at the very least are entertaining and perhaps tangentially related. Ideally, we would like this site to serve just as much as a resource to designers as to potential consumers; towards this end we hope to offer longer-form articles that delve deeper into composition and trends within the community.  If you have anything to share please do not hesitate to be in contact, and thank you again for visiting us at Eokai.com.